She wants to taste enema

The previous scene ends up with the amateur proctologist smearing her face with the stinkiest tan cream on Earth – but the fun is definitely far from being over yet. There’s another yummy young ass waiting for a deep enema – hope you won’t miss the opportunity to see it getting a deep infusion too.

amateur proctologistyummy young assdelicious poop cocktail

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Girl wants more enema

Looks like this fit of constipation is more serious than we had expected – even an enema didn’t help the poor girlie much. However, her impromptu proctologist is there to help her cope with it.

poor girliegirl wants enemaenema breaks a crack

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The sexiest scat babes

Being so addicted to playing with body’s natural waste, this chubby brunette easily makes it to my top shortlist of the sexiest scat babes.

chubby brunettekinky girlfriendone enema after another

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Lesbian pissing domination

Even though today’s scene is not really a scat one, I just can’t help sharing it with you. You know, it’s simply way too hot for me to resist it. I can’t say that I like urinating women as much as I love pooping ones but this scene has somehow managed to touch my heart making me wanna share it with the rest of the world.

Brazilian bitchestorturing and humiliatingreal lesbian pissing

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Scat girls swapping liquid poop

The mistress knows that her naughty little slavegirls are shit – and she uses the kinkiest of her fantasies to communicate this idea to them. She’s already given them a couple of nice-sized warm enemas, she’s already got their faces and bodies covered with crap but she still wants more…

shit in her mouthcrapped facespitting slave girls

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Poop for slave girls

The coprophilous lesbian submission training continues – the mistress is done filling the girls’ colons with water, so now it’s finally time for them to evacuate their bowels…

enema slavelesbian submissionfarting and pooping

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Big warm enemas

There are two little misbehaving sluts kept in scatophilous mistress’s dungeon and… Well, it’s a wonderful day today, so why not train the little hoochies some more – this time with a couple of big warm enemas? This is exactly what’s going to take place here in front of your very eyes – hope you won’t mind taking a look at that.

anal massageinternal analasshole massage

So, the trembling girls are propped against the tiled wall with their yummy round asses sticking out, barely protected by their tiny things. One, in fact, is all naked already – it’s only her tramp-stamped kitty friend that’s still sporting some panties. These will soon fall down too, however, as the dominatrix is about to get down to her dirty coprophilia business. She starts off with some internal anal massage that helps the girls to relax their orifices – and then gives each of the bitches a nice wet infusion.

femdom enema previewenema for bitchenemas from domme

Think their butts will turn into gushing brown fountains right away? Hell no – abstention from shitting is the main part of the torture here.

Wonderful scat sex for mature sluts

These two mature sluts are such a pleasure to hang out with – check it out in the company of the hairy guy that watches them play with each other. And that play of theirs is anything but mainstream, by the way – one of the mommies starts the fun off by fisting her chubby kitty friend, then proceeds the fun by sticking a monster dildo into her gaping furry fuck hole… It’s incredible how it stands all those insane trials without getting torn open!

fisting her chubby pussymonster dildogaping fuck hole

Don’t expect the guy just to stand there and observe the fun though. He will gladly take part in this wonderful scat sex scene by showering the extreme penetration junkie with his piss – after getting sucked off by the second mature woman. Still, that turns out to be not enough for the old sluts – watch the dude step back and let one of them shit onto the second one’s face!

penetration and pissfacial for old slutscrappy facial

No staging here – what you will find inside is pure scat stuff!

Urine and shit cocktail

Yeah, this is obviously not the cleanest bar on Earth but what it’s going to turn into right now… Damn, that’s going to be a mess – all thanks to the efforts of this charming blond freshie who turns out to be incredibly kinky in spite of her age and rather decent looks. She will start everything off with a simple fuck with the bartender but what this simple sex will turn into with time is going to be just insane.

male pissing in pussyyummiest drink mixpussy as a cocktail shaker

First of all, the blondie’s pussy will be used as a cocktail shaker in the process of preparing the yummiest drink mix of all time – Bacardi Superior plus fresh male urine. Yummy! But hey, what is the best way of serving this cocktail? Looks like the bartender has got his own recipe – he serves this cocktail with a thin layer of poo generously smeared all over the girl’s body!

shit and fuckshitgirl pissingpussy fisting by bottle

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Kinky scat sex addict spoils a cutie addicted to cleanliness

What I’m going to show you tonight is simply hilarious, my word! This scat pic scene features a red-haired girl who’s just obsessed with cleanliness, which is quite a paradox because she will be taking part in a real messy poop fetish scene! You will see her sucking cock and piddling right on the floor in the meantime – and then mopping it all up while her fuckmate puts it on her pussy from behind.

fucking scat girl guy taking a crap poop smearing

She will also be doing the dishes in missionary position and cowgirl-style and… Well, apparently, that will make her fat boyfriend get so pissed off that he will punish her in a totally crazy way. You will see him taking a crap on her loins and then smearing her back and bottom with his poop, making the bitchie grow all brown. Her obsession won’t go away though – while he will be doing everything he can to get her as messed up as possible, she will care about hygiene to the max. She will even wipe his dirty ass herself! Oh my, that’s something!

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